Young Kids Turn Messiahs- Kenkre Champions League Is A Breeding Ground Of Football, Talent And Values

The Kenkre Champions League concluded on last Sunday at the Don Bosco Grounds in Matunga post a six-week long Sunday frenzy wherein young boys and girls alike took to the football field across various age categories.

The unique feature about this 5th edition of the Kenkre Champions League was their philanthropic initiative wherein they invited NGO’s from the city of Mumbai to compete in the league independently without having to shell out any money in the form of entry fees.

With matches taking playing simultaneously across football fields in the Don Bosco arena, there were many instances when the bystanders where players themselves. Thus, sometimes it so happened that many of the regular players in the waiting period between two matches ended up watching the NGO’s young guns in action.

One such team, happened to be Kenkre’s very own Kenkre 05 Yellow from the Under-14 category. It is quite often attributed that children can just read and see what is in front of them and they are unable to read between the lines or see the background visuals. However, these boys proved us wrong right at the crux of it.

They were so inspired by the entire initiative that the entire team in consensus with their coach, Mr. Taurus Engineer contributed their winnings of INR 15,000 towards the NGO cause. Kenkre 05 Yellow included the likes of Shrey Yewale, Craig Salve, Ramit Mitra, Rishang Choksi, Rahul Madgavkar, Arjun Jalan, Kabir Chawla and Hriday Haria , all of whom mutually decided to take this positive step.

It is really heart-warming to see boys who are hardly in their teen years possess such values of helping others in their own small measure and vehemently believing in the adage that, “Every small step counts when it is towards the good.”

Thus, one can rightly say that grassroots programs such as the Kenkre Champions League are not just breeding grounds of talent and scouting the same but moreover they are platforms where young children develop life skills and values through the medium of sports.

Playing in a team, leading one, respecting the opponent as well as the referees, acknowledging every win and loss and yet never giving up in the progress towards a successful future is what differentiates a young sportsman from a regular child.

Kudos to the Kenkre 05 Yellow team for setting such a good example with their benevolent gesture and we wish and hope that these boys shine even brighter in the future, be it on the field or off the field.