Top Stars From The 5th Match Day Of The Kenkre Champions League

Kenkre Champions League: Top Stars from the 5th Match Day of the Kenkre Champions League

As we have stepped into the penultimate week of 5th edition of Kenkre Champions League, new players coming out from their cave and showcasing their talent. A host of these stars feature in our article this week..

Cayden Rodrigues, one of the best left-footed players of FFA and also one of the most dependable player for his team, helped his team to emerge victorious against Blazers. He gave every reason to his parents to cheer for him who marked their presence every Sunday for their son. His journey began at the age of 8 through the hands of the coaches of Footfun Football Academy and he generally transforms his position from centre back to left wing and idolizes Argentina’s superstar Lionel Messi.

One often hears offence wins you match but defence wins you titles, defenders are mainly overlooked many times but this time we have found out one defender who gave his whole hearted effort and played out his entire capacity for his team. Rudra Dutta of Aspire team has been one of the finest defenders of the U-16 division and helped his team to keep a clean sheet against Football School of India and also provided two assists to help his team to emerge victorious. He started to play his football at the age of ten and practices every day and idolizes Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos as he loves his way of defending, loves his way of tackling and also loves the way he uses his heads to score goals.

Aadiv Das of Scottish Strikers initiated some brilliant passes, crossed six of them into the box and finished one of the best midfielders of his team, despite of the plethora of talent in his team, he managed to make himself one of the most dependable players and played a crucial role in both defence and offence and today providing two assists for his team against Ten Titans in a winning effort. When we met his coach and asked about the player, the coach praised him as the most hardworking player in his academy, as he has the faith that he can be a good player in future if nurtured properly. His mother was also quite excited after seeing her child playing a vital role for his team, while Aadiv said his best player is Cristiano Ronaldo and he believes that he can represent his country at the International level.

One girl who amazed us with her beautiful passes, her dedication towards the game made her different from everyone others, as she opened the scoring for her team and also the first goal this year by any girl in this edition, was Aashna Thomas of Fire Birds. She helped her team on to a win against Blue Strikers with a spectacular solo goal effort in the very beginning, playing primarily as the left winger of her team.

Next week being the final Sunday of the Kenkre Champions League, we hope to bring you across many more such talented young guns who will surely shine brighter in the future.