The Stars From The 1st Day Of The Tournament

KENKRE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE- The stars from the 1st day of the tournament

The 5th edition of Rustomjee’s Kenkre Champions League (KCL) kicked off on Sunday, 14th January 2017. The tournament is an excellent platform for youngsters, in many age group categories (Boys & Girls), to showcase their talent. The Sunday League, as popularly known, is an open tournament which welcomes every club and academy who share a common goal of developing the sport of football from the grassroots. It is being held at the Don Bosco School Grounds, Matunga

The first match of the tournament was between Kenkre Yellow and ABWA United in the U-12 age group which seemed to be a one side affair as they won by 8-0. Kenkre Yellow’s dominance can be credited to the 11-year old Atharva who, plays as a central midfielder, who led the attack throughout the match by making excellent plays. His game sense and presence of mind was what made him stand out in the field which is not surprising as he has been playing this game since the age of 6 and has been inspired by Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

There were many notable players in all age groups but the most impressive ones were from U-10, especially the 8-year old Raghav Kanodia from Scottish Devils and 9-year old Yohan from Don Bosco. They both were a live wire on the field and it was hard to move your eyes away when they had the ball at their feet. These two players were a critical part of their respective teams because they made important plays for the team and ran up and down the field throughout the match as they were central midfielders who time and again converted opportunities into remarkable goals, moreover without them their teams looked rather ordinary. Both players have been playing football for more than two years and are ardent fans of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and it is not surprising that Messi’s game style has rubbed onto these amazing youngsters.

In football defense is as crucial as attack, since it is played on both sides of the field and this was evident in the final match of the day which was between FFA and Bosco Dragons in the U-12 age category where the 11 year old goal keeper, Yash Rawat, saved the game for FFA from the relentless attacks by the Bosco Dragons. Yash is a prime example of a team player, he gave his everything to keep their team in contention and he has been doing this for quite a while. He gave up being a midfielder to become a goal keeper at the age of 9 because the team required a goal keeper, and such a commitment towards the team at a rather young age is a rarity.

It is exciting to watch these players play in such a competitive environment and see talent being noticed and nurtured properly at its very foundation when molding them towards the right path is much easier and proves to be crucial step towards a positive future.

By : Vaibhav Ranga