The Football Dads

Like father, like son, right? Not just that but you always wanted to surpass your father's achievements. Being a kid your goal has always been to be a better player than what your dad was in his times. I believe fathers’ are the first role models who unknowingly play the job of influencing their kids to follow football, for when the kid sees his dad  jump on the sofa and cheer  his favorite football team on TV it marks the beginning of football in the lives of many children.

Dads are the best, they spend uncountable hours driving us to and fro from practices, give up their weekends to go to our tournaments, and watch all of our games in the scorching heat. He may not love football but at least he makes sure he is there for the game. Fathers are as supportive as mothers in football, so why should they be left out.

Mr.Apul Nayyar strongly believes that exposure to global football is the major reason for changes in Indian football. His eldest son Angad Nayyar plays for the Ten Titans in the U-12 category while his younger son Aryan Nayyar plays for the Scottish Devils in the U-10 category. They take active part in football at school. He favors the popularity of leagues like La Liga, Premier League in India which has enabled children to gain knowledge about the game. Games by FIFA and PES across various gaming stations have also helped kids to increase their knowledge in terms of player's names, contracts etc. His son trains at the FCBEscola academy and feels that foreign clubs like Barcelona, Arsenal having tie ups and academies in India will help us acquire their superior football skills and training techniques.

Varun Gupta who has been playing in the Kenkre Champion's League for the four years now had his dad cheering for him from the sidelines. He currently plays for the Scottish Ten Titans in the U-12 category. Varun's dad, Mr. Hemant  Gupta is of the opinion that football is a team-building activity. He is happy with his son's performance and believes that his son's school Bombay Scottish School helps their children's to keep an equilibrium between studies and co-curricular activities.

Mr.Melvin Dsouza was one of the parents who was seen very actively supporting his son, Yohaan Dsouza from the sidelines. He would shout whenever his son made mistakes and even motivated his son when he made a beautiful attempt towards the goal. Yohaan plays in the U-10 category for the Real Madrid U-10 and caught our eye with his goals and assists.

We had a team from the Bombay Gymkhana and one of the players among them was Parag Rajda who is playing in the U-16 category. Mr.Arjun Rajda his father was overjoyed when his centre back son landed a perfect tackle on his opponent and cleared the ball. Mr.Rajda believes in his son's passion for football and has complete faith is his son's dream. Parag has represented Maharashtra in the U-14 category of Subroto Cup.

With the Footfun Football Academy doing wonders in this league we had word with Mr.Noel Fernandez whose son Nathan Fernandez plays for this academy. Nathan is playing in the U-10 category in the team FFA-C. His dad strongly believes that the two things needed in football are one's skills and confidence which need to be developed through constant practice sessions.

“You had a chance, until I stepped on the field. Now I shall play like there's no tomorrow,” said the kid. “Some people only dream of meeting their favorite soccer player, mine calls me dad,” completed the dad.