Kenkre FC Rated 3-Star Academy

Kenkre Football Club based in Mumbai, India is well-known for nurturing young players & coaches who have gone on to represent the State, University and even the Country. Kenkre FC has been a pioneer in grassroot and youth football development in the city of Mumbai and is now well-known not just in Mumbai, but also at the National level in view of players and coaches starting their careers with Kenkre FC, making their way to the national and international arena.

Academy Accreditation has multiple criteria. Every year, The All India Football Federation (AIFF) accredits academies/clubs, which forms the basis for their participation in the AIFF’s Youth Leagues (Elite League, Junior League, and Sub-Junior League).

For the season 2019-2020, AIFF has accredited Kenkre FC as a 3-Star academy.

Kenkre FC being a non-residential academy, is one of the only academies from Mumbai, to receive the 3-Star rating; and is also among the Top-10 academies in the country.

From experienced, licensed coaches to providing the best medical and playing facilities, which is required for young players to better their craft; from encouraging women’s football to conducting several Baby Leagues, Kenkre FC has once again, risen to the occasion, passing all the criteria required.