Kenkre Champions League: Team Of The Tournament

Some outstanding individual performances have lit up this year's 5th edition of Kenkre Champions League, but which players made an astounding impact and made it to the Team of the Tournament? Let us find out.

Goal Keeper

A goal-keeper is someone who assures you that we can keep going no matter the distance, no matter the number of goals we conceded. He is the last man of defense who has your back as a wall and will do everything to stop the ball from going into the goal.

11-year old Yash Rawat is a live example of what great saves can do and how they uplift the morale of a team. In the game between FFA Academy and Bosco Dragons of the Under-12 category Yash was on fire as he made phenomenal saves against the thundering attacks of the Bosco Dragons.He is surely a must pick .


Guarding the goal along with the goalie is a small unit of defenders whose responsibility is to supply the necessary balls for attacks as well as clear all possible dangers during the game. Armaan Jetha is one such defender from the Under-12 category, the Scottish Striker who makes good assists during the game and is the lone man defense who shields away every potential attack by the opponents.

Defenders often do their job for the team without getting much credit for their contribution. However one such defender caught our eye, Rudra Dutta of Aspire team has been one of the finest defenders of the U-16 division and helped his team to keep a clean sheet against Football School of India. He is fast just like a defender should be, has a 2x sprint speed when it comes to catching a striker and clearing the ball from him. He is the most hardworking player in his team and has guided his team through many crucial wins.


The 8-year old Raghav Kanodia from Scottish Devils is the perfect fit in the central midfield position with his unique sense of the game as to where to be at what time to receive the ball. His skills are in par with his vision of the game. He is Xavi of the team who could feed balls with both his feet and is the lad responsible for maximum assists for his team. However being skillful has also helped him score a few phenomenal goals.

Talk about Iniesta and here is the, 9-year old Yohan Panjuani from Don Bosco. One of the marquee players of his team. He has been a well-known face because of his ability to score at least in every game he played. His agility and left foot is complimented however you cannot underestimate him because of his size. He bagged the best player award this season thus keeping up to his name of being the next upcoming prodigy.

Aadiv Das of Scottish Strikers has had some responsibility on him for creating some brilliant opportunities for his team thus earning a name in our list. Known for versatility he is by far the most hardworking in his team seeing as per his level of commitment. He can be a dangerous poacher in the attack and can also be of extra help for defenders in need.


The one who drew our eyes and attention the most, was Sparsh Shukla from Scottish Bravehearts U8. The reason for us having him in our list is because he has managed to score in the oddest situations and is the perfect example of a born striker. His free kick which netting inside the goal in spite of a wall was commendable surely showing his respect for his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. Another goal by him deserves to be mentioned here which was against the Super Strikers, it was something that reminded us that our grass root programs are developing and so is the footballing culture in India.