Kenkre Champions League: NGO Team Of The Tournament

A notable feature of the 5th Rustomjee Kenkre Champions League this year has been the initiative to provide a platform for various NGOs around the city to field their teams. There were 8

NGO’s from across Mumbai who have participated for the first time in the Kenkre

Champions League - Oscar Foundation, Rahee Foundation, Akanksha Foundation, KC

Gosai Foundation, Leher Foundation, Just for Kicks and Vision Rescue.


After the whole league we formed a “team of the tournament” for NGO’s across all the categories based on the skills and performances of the players’ through-out the league. We saw plenty of goals in this category, so we proceeded to create a strong attacking team with equally strong defenders. Here’s our pick-



1. Mohammed Sajeer Rais Idrisi (Goalkeeper)- Mohammed Sajir Idrisi was the standout custodian throughout the journey of his team as he showed great composure and positioning sense between the sticks. He had a mixed outing as his team won some and lost some other but Idrisi was a bright presence for Vision Rescue and led the side from the back. His uncanny ability to keep away a lot of sure-shot goals makes him unique. Surprisingly, the young keeper said his inspiration for taking up football was the Brazilian maestro Ronaldinho and not any keeper. The 12 year old kid dreams to play for his country somewhere down the line. We feel he has a long way to go and certainly capable of fulfilling his dreams.

2. Daksh Waghela (Striker) – There has been a lot of contenders for the striker position with plenty of goals being scored through-out the Sundays but Daksh Waghela, the 11 year old of Just for Kicks was deadly in attack and was prolific in goal scoring abilities which is justified when he alone scored 8 goals in a match against Share. This young kid has a strong sense of emergence whenever there’s a whiff of chance which added to his cause of making the cut into the final team as a strong striker adds to the overall certification of an attacking team.

3. Manthan Gaekwad (Left wing) - Manthan Gaikwad from the Vision Rescue team was an absolute wonder as he was the go-to man upfront for his team.  The young boy who plays as the forward has an amazing feature of using both the feet with same prowess has a convincing amount of stamina to run up and down the whole field. Thus we from Adah, felt if he can be played as the left wing he could mean trouble for any team. This 12 year old kid was a menace on the pitch as he constantly barraged the opposition goal and was a threat for the defenders throughout the league. His dribbling skills as well as changing the direction suddenly is a delight to watch as the young lad who idolizes Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo likes Lionel Messi too and dreams of playing in big clubs of Europe.

4. Harsh Solanki (Right Wing) - Harsh Solanki the KC Gosai Foundation winger has spun awe from all and sundry as he scored 15 goals in the league in spite of starting the initial matches from the backline. This 5th standard guy takes the control through the right flanks and is never short of breath as he runs from end to another ; coming back and making crucial intercepts and helping out his defence – these all combines him to make the cut as the right wing as he will enhance the attacking options along with Daksh and Manthan.

5. Omkar Salekar (Centre mid) - Omkar Salaker was mesmerizing on the pitch with his ball control skills and grabbed a lot of attention whenever his team Oscar Foundation took on any opposition. The calm and composed 14 year guy is easily the differential factor as a midfielder as he is always a representation of aggression mixed with caution. His ball control makes him an ideal candidate to dictate the terms from the midline and provide the extra impetus through his impeccable ball distribution coupling with his effort to come back while defending.

6. Reuel Fernandez (Centre back) - Reuel Fernandes was another important member for KC Gosai Foundation as they lifted the league-largely indebted to this guy. The centre-midfield who has played in U-13 I league this season is brilliant with his footwork and passing skills and was often seen taking up the right back position in this league . With relatively more experience than all the other kids in this league Reuel was an automatic choice but his position as the right back will be crucial as for an attacking team there needs a strong backline which he guarantees along with Jasim.

7. Mohammad Jasim (Centre back) - Jasim, who plays in the defence always put in an intense shift as he was all over the pitch for Oscar Foundation and was easily the automatic choice for centre back position.. He won a lot of crucial tackles and managed to score whenever there’s any scope of it. His positioning sense and workload is unquestionable as a strongly built centre back completes our dream team of NGO in all the sectors, be it speed, ball control, stamina or positioning sense.

It has been a difficult time choosing 7 best guys out of so many talented under-privileged kids but some notable performers who dazzled through-out the tournaments were Prem Rathore-the go to man for Lehar Foundation, Karan Rathore from Just for Kicks, Lakshya Waghela from Akansha, Jatin Solanki from KC Gosai Foundation.