Kenkre Champions League: How Did The Teams Fare On The Final Match Day?

With the end of the final day of the 5th edition of Kenkre Champion's League, we are here to round up the action of the last day.


Super Strikers U-8 thrashed Kenkre PDP U-8 by 10-0, where Rian Uniyal scored 5 for his team.FFA U-8 thrashed Kenkre Bandra U-8 for 8-0 victory where Birya scored 3 for his team. Scottish Bravehearts U-8 thrashed Kenkre PDP U-8 for a 6-0 win with Sparsh Shukla scoring two for his team.


St.Pauls had a tough victory against AB Champs U-10 with a score of 4-2, where Vedanth  Gajamal score 3 for the winners. Real Madrid U-10 thrashed Golden Eagles U-10 to a 4-0 victory .FFA U-10 A thrashed St.Paul's in their second game where Owais Sarguroh and Rajveer scored two to win the game.OIS Champs U-10 humiliated FFA U-10 C  to 10-0 win where Anuj Bhamra,Rayan and Arham Mehta scored 2 each for the winners. Scottish Devils U-10 saw some excellent performance from Yash Kapadia who scored 3 for them and lead them to a 3-0 victory against Golden Eagles U-10 .FFA U-10 B thrashed Kenkre Bandra U-10 by 6-1,where Yohan Meghani scored 2 for the winners. Golden Eagles U-10 beat Kenkre Bandra U-10 in their second game by 3-0.


Kenkre 06 Blue U-12 had a narrow defeat against Bosco Dragons U-12 where the latter won by 2-1.Kenkre 06 Yellow U-12 won by 2-0 against FFA U-12 A. Diyan scored 2 helping his team SSE U-12 win by 3-2 against OIS United U-12.Scottish Strikers U-12 beat Kenkre Matunga U-12 by 5-1, with Deeptansh Khandewal, Arjun Jhaveri ,Aadiv Das and Armaan Jetha scoring one each for the winners. Super Strikers U-12 had a 4-0 victory over Golden Eagles U-12 where Sahil Khan scored a hat trick for the winners.FFA U-12 B won by 2-1 against ten Titans U-12.Baycity Bombers U-12 scored a 4-0 brace against Kenkre Bandra U-12 with Krrish Gupta scoring two for the Bombers.


The girls team Blue Strikers thrashed Fire Birds to a 3-0 victory where Aashna Thomas, Ananya Biswas and Riva Mayekar each scored one for their team.SSE Tigers U-14 won against FSI U-14 by a 2-0 win. The match between SSE Lions U-14 and Kenkre 05 Yellow U-14 ended in a 0-0 draw. LKWT Boys U-14 beat Dais United U-14 to a 3-0 win.the second match in the girl's category was between LKWT Girls and Fire Birds, where LKWT Girls won by 2-0 with an excellent goal from Tanisha and Dia Sippy.The second match between Fire Birds and LKWT girls ended in a 0-0 draw.FSI U-14 thrashed Don Bosco U-14 to a 3-0 victory with Yohaan scoring a hat trick for his team. Kenkre 04 U-14 had a 1-0 victory against Bosco Dragons U-14. Kenkre 05 Yellow U-14 had a 3-0 win over ABWA Strikers U-14 with Ramit Mitra scoring two and Arjun Jalan scored one to win the game. Kenkre 05 Blue U-14 had a 3-2 victory over Golden Eaglets U-14 A.SSE Lions U-14 beat LKWT Boys U-14 by 2-0.Aces FC U-14 played well but however lost to Golden Eaglets U-14 B by 2-1.Rising Rangers U-14 had Saurabh and Aryaman score one each for their team leading to a 2-0 victory over RCS Borivali U-14.


Ironborn Giants thrashed FSI U-16 to a 7-1 victory where Pratham Ghantur, Rony Chowdhury and Athar Ansari each scored two for the winners. The match between Ironborn Eagles and Bombay Gymkhana ended up in a 2-2 draw. Kenkre Matunga had a humiliating 11-0 loss against Aspire academy where Arnav Aswani scored a double hat trick for his team.