It Is Important To Maintain A Good Balance Between Studies And Football : Says Shaurya After Scoring 97% In ICSE Board

Kenkre FC has a lot of promising youngsters in their ranks in the various centers across Mumbai city. We caught up with one such young lad – Shaurya Motwani to understand his footballing journey, development at Kenkre FC and his future goals in football.

The young goalkeeper has been a part of the Kenkre FC setup for quite a while and has represented the club in the youth I-league for the past two years. Here is an excerpt of Shaurya’s candid interaction with us.

Q:  A simple one to begin with, how did you start playing football?

A: It is a really interesting story that led me to football. I was part of the Campion School football team. We were a part of a tournament where all the Catholic schools participated but our goalkeeper got injured before the final and I was asked to keep. We reached the finals and the match went into the penalty shootout. I saved all the penalty kicks and my name came in the papers the next day and this inspired me to go on and play football further.

Q: How has the support for football been from your parents?

A: My parents have been really supportive of my decision to play football. They have always encouraged me to balance my studies and the game.

Q: You were selected for the national trials but could not attend due to your board exams. How did you feel about it?

A: I had to maintain the balance between my studies and sports. I am really happy about my decision as I did well in the ICSE board exam this year scoring 97%. I stood 2nd overall in my school and I am confident that I will get another chance for the national trials.

Q: What are your thoughts about Kenkre FC?

A: Kenkre FC is a really good club with great facilities for us players and there are great coaches for our guidance. It has helped me immensely to develop my game.

Q: How has your journey been with Kenkre FC so far?

A: This will be my 3rd season playing for Kenkre FC. When I was in the 9th standard, I played for the U-16 team and then in the next year, the U-18 squad. It has been a great experience playing with players older than me and has given me great exposure to develop my game further.

Q: You talked about having a good balance between school and football. How have you managed to maintain it?

 A: The balance is very important and I have made sacrifices in order to keep it so. I do not use my mobile phone or watch TV a lot and maintain my focus on both studies and the game.

Q: Who would you say are your role models in the game?

A: I am a Manchester United fan and my inspiration has been David De Gea . I admire the fact that he is not just great with his hands but also with the ball on his feet. Amongst Indian players, I have a lot of respect for Subrata Paul and Indian captain Sunil Chhetri.

Q: What are your future goals in football?

A: I want to keep playing for Kenkre FC and do well. As a future goal, I want to stay focused on developing my game and get into the Maharashtra zonal team and the Indian national team as well.

Q: Did you travel with Kenkre FC for their International Tournaments, Your Experience?
A :International trips gives a footballer great exposure as one can see the quality of football being played in top football countries like Spain , Portugal, France etc. . It inspires us to work harder so we can reach the level of these countries and also learn from their discipline, style of playing and coaching techniques, all together it’s a really great experience which helps a footballer grow.

Q : Your School contribution till Date ?
A : I would like to thank my School principal Mr. Paul Machado for encouraging me always as well the school coaches who have been a part of my journey till date .