Champions :Kenkre Champions League 2018

The 5th edition of Rustomjee’s Kenkre Champions League (KCL) concluded on Sunday, 25th February 2018. The tournament, which was held at Don Bosco School in Matunga, was an excellent platform for youngsters from different clubs and academies to showcase their talent and so they did. A total of 52 teams participated in the Sunday League from different age group categories (boys and girls). Like in any tournament there are winners and losers, however in KCL everyone goes home a winner. The participants get to gain a lot of experience and match exposure which is very valuable for players at a young age, also every team receives prize money depending on their position in the leaderboard.

 FFA U8 topped the leaderboard and became champions in the U8 age group category with their star player Omar winning the Best Player Award and rightly so, he was one of the leading goal scorers. In the U10 age group category there were total of 10 teams which were divided into two leagues, League 1 and League 2. League 1 was dominated by the home team Don Bosco U10 and the Best Player Award was awarded to their superstar Yohaan Punjawani, while FFA U10 B became champions in League 2 where their lead striker Aaditya Iyer was awarded the Best Player Award.

 The U12 age group category was the most exciting and competitive age group. This category was also divided into two Leagues. The leaders in the League 1 were Kenkre 06 Yellow U12 who displayed an amazing show of skill and precision in all their matches. There were many good players in U12 category however Atharva Bhandare, from the winning team, looked class apart and won the Best Player Award. In League 2 Scottish Strikers U12 topped the leaderboard and Adiv Das won the Best Player Award.

  In the U14 age group category there were a total of 14 teams which were divided into three leagues. Kenkre 04 U14 ranked first in League 1 and Raul Almedia was awarded the Best Player Award. SSE Lions U14 topped the leaderboard in League 2 and Sheldon Rodrigues won the Best Player Award. While in League 3 Aces FC U14 aced the leaderboard and Dhruv Bhagat was awarded the Best Player award.

 In the U16 age category only 5 teams participated, but the competitiveness and skills of these players were outstanding. Iron Born Giants became champions in this category by outclassing all their opponents and the Best Player Award was given to their striker Krishna Karkera.

 KCL hosted the NGO’s in the U12 age group category which was one of the highlight of this tournament. The NGO players showed tremendous skill and amazing game sense which was delightful to watch. K C Gosai Foundation dominated in this category and their all-round player Harsh Solanki          was awarded the Best Player Award.

 There was only one category for girls in the U14 age group which had three teams participating. Blue Strikers won all their games and became champions and their top goal scorer Riva Mayekar  won the Best Player Award.