: 5 Reasons Why Kenkre Champions League Is The Most Unique One In Mumbai

As we stepped into the last week of 5th edition of Kenkre Champions League, we summed up the entire 7-week Sunday action. There were 96 teams who were turned up for this league in various divisions across this seven weeks of this totally eventful and most exciting grass root tournament in Mumbai. There are many more such reasons that upholds Kenkre Champions League to be one of the best grassroots leagues all over the city:

  1. All teams get equal chances: All teams that registered for Kenkre Champions League mainly get chances to play as many matches as the table toppers and the teams that are at below, which gives the teams chance to comeback after any losses, for any coach it helps to check on their players and to nurture them and keep them in a practice mood which further helps the players to develop themselves day-by-day by giving a chance to rectify their mistakes.


  1. Mainly the matches were held at 5 grounds at the same time. This was a difficult task which was quite successfully initiated by the organizers with their own representatives present on each field to guide the teams, referees and ensure smooth run of play.


  1. There is an equal opportunity for kids to showcase their talent while representing their teams and also develop them into a long-term professional player, in this case Kenkre also provide chances to both boys in U-8, U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16 categories and also for the girls at U-14 level, this helps Kenkre Champions League to be one with gender parity.



  1. NGO- The new introduction to the Kenkre Champions League which has also given a new dimension to the league was the initiative of inviting NGO’s from across the city of Mumbai to play in the league. The under privileged children were given a competitive platform to display their talent which does not happen in any other league. This positively increased the reputation for Kenkre Champions League and how they showed respect towards the NGO’s teams by not taking any amount of entry fee and rather giving away the same prize money as normal category teams received.


  1. Referee is the person on the field who inspects the games from both teams point of view and Kenkre provided for both men and women referees to officiate their matches which is an initiative taken by the club wherein the females are at an equal platform as the men, the inexperienced referees also get more chances to manage more matches which boosts their confidence and also enriches their experience, in order to become more professional and error free in their future career.

    By Ushnish